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India was chosen as the venue for the upcoming T20 World Cup this year. But the venue in India is uncertain for the coronavirus. The BCCI does not want to take this deadly coronavirus risk because it takes a terrible form.s

The Indian Premier League was shut down midway due to the coronavirus, but the rest of the matches have been decided to be played in the UAE. But despite this risk, the BCCI is looking forward to hosting the T20 World Cup in India.

Since the ICC does not want to take any kind of risk, the BCCI has to consider the overall aspect. And the ICC has given time for the BCCI to make a decision. The latest decision by the BCCI has been made by June 28.

A BCCI official told PTI, “Yes, the ICC has agreed to the BCCI’s request. The BCCI has been given till June 28 to announce its decision on hosting the T20 World Cup in India.

On the other hand, BCCI’s Rajiv Shukla said, “The matter is still being discussed. Our first choice is India. This is why we have asked the ICC for more time. If India does not fare well in June or even in the first week of July, the decision will be made to host the World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. But if the situation in India improves, it will be held in India. ‘

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